Dr. Leo Yudkin's passion for dentistry and endodontics first began when he made plans to come to the Unites States to study from his native country of Latvia. He always considered dentistry to be the true American profession. In 1989, Dr. Yudkin and his Latvian-born wife Maya moved to New York where he started his studies. He graduated from SUNY Buffalo, New York in 1995, and in 1998 completed his postgraduate studies in Endodontics at Columbia University.Since Dr. Yudkin opened his office in 1999, he has worked diligently to build a practice that's distinguished by excellence in endodontic treatment using the most advanced technology. His practice features sophisticated equipment for treating even the most complex root canal cases. When asked what he finds most rewarding about endodontics he says emphatically, "I get the most pleasure from saving a tooth which was previously thought to be not savable."A passion for precision and the highest standards are what drive Dr. Yudkin to expand his knowledge with continuing education on the latest advancements in endodontics. His professional affiliations include the American Association of Endodontics, the American Dental Association and the Tri County Dental Society. Dr. Yudkin and his wife Maya now live in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Their daughter Hannah graduated Barnard College and is now attending Wharton business school with a double major program. Their son Jeremy graduated Babson Business College and is currently involved with multiple startups.Dr. Yudkin avidly pursues several hobbies. He runs a couple of miles each day, plays tennis and also enjoys skiing. He and his family have traveled all over the world. They collect art, recipes, and fine wines and have visited the world's great wine-producing regions.