The advantage of these technologies is that our practice is capable of completing most root canal treatments in one visit with the highest degree of success and with less post-operative symptoms.

CS 8100 3D Extraoral Imaging System

The addition of the CS 8100 3D Extraoral Imaging System to Dr. Yudkin’s office revolutionizes patient treatment and prefects the way his practice treats oral infections. Its unique “2 in 1″ system (3D and panoramic) is well suited for very complex diagnostic, surgical and endodontic procedures. The very high resolution imaging capabilities provided by this unit enable Dr. Yudkin to detect lesions with more accuracy. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented x-ray views of the oral cavity.

The Microscope

This tool is extremely important to the advancement of modern Endodontics. The microscope has revolutionized surgical Endodontics to the level of Microsurgery. It enables the doctor to see micro fractures, and to repair perforations. It also allows Dr. Yudkin to remove separated instruments and to treat invisible calcified canals. The microscope is used on every case whether surgical or non-surgical.

Nickel-Titanium Instruments

These instruments allow the doctor to negotiate curved canals.

Ultra Sonic Instruments

Ultra sonic instruments help remove separated instruments, locate calcified canals, and eliminate necrotic tissue and dental materials.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography reduces the patient’s risk of exposure to radiation by 90%, and makes presentation more effective.

Internet File Transfers

With an ability to access patient files from any location, it allows our office to communicate at any time with the referring dental office.

Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissue laser offers several outstanding benefits to patients: it reduces discomfort of soft tissue procedures requiring less time in the dental chair; it speeds up the recovery time; it also reduces bleeding.